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Equitable life and casulty

Meet Guarantee Trust Life:

Guarantee Trust Life, mission is to be recognized as a highly-competent, mid-sized mutual insurer, who by bridging timeless virtues with current best business practices, is effective in marketing targeted life and health products across the country.
The company offers an attractive and trusted value proposition to its policyholders and distributors, while encouraging and supporting personal growth and civic involvement from its employees.

Products Offering

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List of Insurance Service from Guarantee Trust Life

Supplemental Health Insurance

  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Short Term Care
  • Accident
  • iGAP

Life Insurance

  • Critical Provider
  • Juvenile Life
  • MultiLife™ – Group Term Life Insurance

Group Insurance

  • Group Gap
  • Association Gap
  • Group Accident

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