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Meet Greek Catholic Union of the USA:

GCU has grown to a billion dollar company, but our goals today are still the same as the vision of our founders. GCU actively protects families by offering insurance products that insure the lives of our members. We also offer annuity products to safeguard a family’s financial future. Today, our life and annuity products are available to all Christians.

We continue to be active in the Byzantine Catholic churches, especially those where our lodges are based. GCU offers fraternal programs that give our members the chance to collaborate in social, athletic and fundraising activities. Many of the fundraising efforts are aimed at improving the fabric of our local communities.

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Get the right life insurance policy with oxford life - Greek Catholic Union of the USA
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Medicare Supplements
Gain peace of mind knowing that the gaps in your Medicare plan are covered by a GCU Medicare Supplement plan.

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