What is wedding Insurance?

Protect your dream wedding and get insure.

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A wedding day is the most momentous day in every man and woman’s life. It’s a time when two soul ties with a knot, and that lasts forever. It’s a relationship that faces countless ups and downs of life together.
However, you might have heard about health insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance, but about big day insurance? Well, if not, then today we will try to cover all the important aspects of wedding insurance in detail.

wedding insurance protect your dream wedding - What Is Wedding Insurance?

What is wedding insurance?

A wedding day considers as a whole pre-planned day when no bride and groom want to think about any disasters or unwanted happenings. But this is life, and most of the things in life happens unpredictably.
Wedding Insurance helps the bride and groom to save their marriage day investment loss in unwanted circumstances or the happenings that they never think about before. There may arise many situations that may force you to postpone your wedding or cancel it.

Lets’ take an example, if the weather is bad outside and the wedding place is not accessible. For this reason, you have to cancel the wedding, then at this point, Insurance Company pays every penny that you have lost-less the non-refundable deposits for the ceremony.

Similarly, let’s suppose, due to some reasons the ceremony reception goes out of business, then, in this case, a reliable wedding insurance can compensate you for your invested money. Furthermore, some other scenarios like; if there happens any unpleasant situation with a bride and groom clothes, then they will get the replacement fund of clothes with a right insurance policy. Same in the case of any displeasing accident that happens to any member of a family.

In simple words, wedding insurance backs up you in case of wedding cancellation and postponement. The wedding policy protects your financial investment in the event of cancellation.

The liability insurance protects you against any liability that arises in your wedding ceremony. The wedding coverage defended in a case when your guests got injured in the ceremonial, if wedding venue got damaged, and if there happens any alcohol-related accident during the ceremony.

why wedding insurance get quote - What Is Wedding Insurance?

Why do you need wedding insurance?

No one of us wants to ruin wedding day investment just because of a single unpleasant/unwanted event. Wedding insurance helps to facilitate the stress, as well as recoup any covered financial losses, whether it’s mud that has ruined your wedding gown or tuxedo or any unanticipated event like rain, storm or even flood that force for wedding event cancellation. There might be some other problems like a vendor could not deliver with what he asked for to supply. These are few of the situations which leave you with bread lost except if you have coverage.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

Your marriage ceremony can be expensive but trust us not the best wedding insurance policy. It can be as much less as your wedding cake costs. You can have an idea of it.
The basic policy packages are starting from $70 and goes to premium packages up to $200. Mostly the cost depends upon how much you spend on your ceremony. You can choose the coverage level based on your total amount you spend on your marriage ceremony. It helps you to select the best fit for your wedding day.

Wedding insurance covers all wedding-related damages

A wedding insurance also covers the losses that happened due to other wedding-related events like due to photographer, videographer, attire, gifts, personal liability, medical coverage and of course honeymoon.
However, it’s essential to choose the plan according to your wedding ceremony requirements and choose the best agent in the market that can help you to get the best fit for your ceremony.

Important Note: A wedding insurance does not assist you in case you have changed your mind and canceled the ceremony. Similarly, loss of precious pearls and marriage ring will not cover under this policy.