Medicare Open Enrollment 2018

Medicare Enrollment Starts October 15 and ends December 7

Medicare Open Enrollment

Are you familiar with Medicare’s Open Enrollment? Most of us are familiar with it. If someone is not, the Medicare’s Open Enrollment is the Annual Enrollment period in which you can switch your current Medicare insurance plan to a beneficial and vice versa according to your requirements.

Medicare Open Enrollment 2017 is just around the corner. Are you prepare for that? Does it belong to you?

Medicare Open Enrollment starts from October 15th to December 7th each year.
What can you do during this period? What type of changes can you do? Let’s find out.
Most of the people confuse what they need to do during this period. Well, this article will help you to get the answers to your questions.

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The medical Open Enrollment period is an opportunity to switch your Medical plans from Part D to Medicare Advantage Plan. The best part of this Enrollment is you never need to fill out a medical questionnaire. However, there are only two possibilities attach with Medicare Advantage; first, if you are currently in a long-term care facility, secondly you are in the end stage of nephritic Disease.

Note: The above mentioned are the two primary cases that you cannot enroll in Medicare’s Open Enrollment (MA Plan).

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Information for next year’s plans will be available beginning in October.

Why Medicare’s Open Enrollment is important?

Medicare Open Enrollment is important in the medical insurance field because during this period the MA or the drug plan make some changes in their pharmacopoeias. However, the changes like price difference, drugs and much more. Let us explain you in simple words. During this Enrollment, the changes are made in your current plan that is covering the drug. This will not cover the drug at the same price next year. Similarly, your Medicare advantage plan can make changes in their network of doctors. They can change the facilities the way they use to, medical coverage service, add/drop additional medical benefits like hearing, vision etc.

What changes can you do in your coverage?

  • During this Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), people can make the changes to different parts of their coverage.
  • One can change/switch its original Medicare plan to advantage one, and vice versa.
  • One can switch from one Medical Advantage plan to another. Furthermore, can switch from Part D to another plan.
  • If someone doesn’t enroll in the Part D plan in the starting when the eligibility was open, he/she enroll in the basic open Enrollment, but the plenty may apply.
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Note: Here Part D means (Prescription drug).

Furthermore, if you want to enroll yourself in the Medicare Advantage plan, there are some criteria for enrolling in it.

  • You must enroll yourself in Medicare Part A and B.
  • The person needs to live in the current plan’ area.
  • Moreover, a person should not suffer from the end-stage renal disease.

What you cannot do in Medicare’s Open Enrollment?

  • You cannot switch Medigap plans with answering to require medical questions.
  • If you have a qualifying event, you cannot plan B.
  • You cannot switch your Medicare advantage plan to Medigap plan without answering some require medical questions.

You don’t need to change your plan if you don’t find any advantages. The plan changes should fulfill the requirements of the medical plan. No one is restricted to enroll in this annual Enrollment.

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